How you can help:

If you are an expert and interested in consulting with us, please send your contact information and area(s) of expertise to with the subject line “EAPA Expert Contact.” If you know someone who may be interested, contact them for permission first, then add their contact information on this form.

We are currently seeking experts in:

  • Global Health
  • Foreign Aid
  • Urban Poverty
  • Housing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Policing
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Education
  • Immigration
  • Free Trade and Tariffs
  • Taxes
  • Economics
  • Impact of Biodiversity changes
  • Climate Change
  • Chemistry and Toxicity

We likely will be requesting more areas of expertise as we find more proposed regulations, so if you are interested but have a specialty outside those areas, feel free to send us your contact information anyway. Policy change is opportunistic, and likewise not all opportunities for cost effective change and feedback are in areas that have typically been investigated by EAs for high potential impact.

In the future, we are looking to offer more in-depth training in writing policy comments and building political influence for effectiveness. We would like to build a network of students and volunteers to examine the federal register and increase the probability that regulations are always efficient, cost-effective, and thoroughly researched.

Go to or request to join the EA Policy Reform Facebook group and send us your questions or ideas. If you want to cooperate more closely and avoid duplication of effort, send an introduction to and we will provide you access to our cooperative documents.


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