Our Project

Effective Altruism Policy Analytics ended as a funded project in summer 2015. 

You can read our updates and end of project write-up on the following links below:

Original Website below: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Proposed Rule Tracking

In fall 2014 the Effective Altruism Society of DC and Effective Altruism at UMD started an experimental policy project attempting to bring effective altruism ideas to public policy. We produced comments for regulations on the federal register proposed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. By offering independent cost-benefit analysis, we hoped to provide ammunition to any regulator trying to make policy more effective. While direct feedback from agencies is pending, the expected benefits were large enough to bring the project to Effective Altruism Ventures for assistance in conducting a full-time experiment.

On June 1, 2015, Effective Altruism Policy Analytics (EAPA) began operations, attempting to bring non-partisan, cause-neutral improvements to regulatory action in the United States. It works to determine the best practices for creating influential analysis and to turn that knowledge over to effective altruists. EAPA will offer its findings to the community and create guides and information for effective altruists interested in influencing policy. EAPA is staffed full-time by Matthew Gentzel and Emma Atlas, as well as part time by interns and a host of volunteer consultants. EAPA is still growing an even greater network of experts and volunteers interested in beneficially influencing policy. As the experiment proceeds, EAPA will gather feedback and create a foundation for the Effective Altruism movement to exert more political influence in the future.


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